Luxury Resort in the Algarve

5% yield guaranteed for 5 years

Why is this project a great investment opportunity?

We present you an innovative eco-friendly and sustainable resort, inspired by the authenticity and the serenity of its surroundings, right at the heart of the Algarve (17 minutes from Faro Airport and close to Loulé city).


This project, operated by the emblematic Viceroy Hotel, was distinguished three times by the European Property Awards:

  • the Viceroy, ‘Best New Hotel Construction & Design Portugal’ (2018);
  • the Viceroy Residences, ‘Best Residential Development Portugal’ (2018) and ‘Sustainable Residential Development Portugal’ (2019).

From spacious townhouses and bespoke villas to the guaranteed rental income of the fully-furnished and managed Viceroy Residences, discover your perfect sanctuary in the lush green hills.

An innovative resort committed to sustainability, complimenting natural serenity with the experiential luxury and stunning design of the superb 18-hole golf course, the residences and the five-star hotel managed by Viceroy Hotel & Resorts, spa and wellness therapies, delectable dining moments at 6 restaurants, kids club, conference centre and thrilling sporting adventures that will immerse you in the surroundings.

Discover a story carved by nature.
An exclusive luxury that you cannot afford to miss!

From some of the world’s best beaches and landscapes, to the great History, its amazing architecture and the wonderfully welcoming people, Portugal is the best choice for place to live and to enjoy life.


The country’s culture is so rich that you can go from dynamic and vibrant cities to peaceful and relaxing countryside and seaside villages in just a couple of hours.


And if all of this was not attractive enough, keep in mind that Portugal has sunny and warm days all year round and its cuisine is world widely recognised as one of the richest and tastiest.

See the main reasons why Portugal is a great investment option:


Safest Country

Portugal is the 2nd safest country in Europe and in the world (Global Peace Index 2019)


Tax Benefits

Portuguese economy is open to foreign trade and investment with tax benefits for foreign investors


Awarded Destination

Portugal is the World’s Leading Destination (World Travel Awards 2017/2018/2019)


Political Stability

Portugal’s political scenario is very stable and marked by the cooperation between everyone to make the best decisions for the country.


Economic Growth

Portugal’s economy has been growing consistently over the last years and is expected to continue so.


Market Opportunity

Real Estate prices in Portugal are one of the most competitive of all Europe. The Residential market keeps rising and the Hospitality sector has been having an impressive performance.


Inclusive Health Care System

Portugal’s National Health Care System is known to be one of the most inclusive and efficient ones. No one stays out of the system regardless their origin or condition.


Great Diplomatic Network

Portugal is known as one of the nations with the biggest number of good and strong diplomatic relationships with other countries.


Free Circulation

The Portuguese Golden Visa is an access door to all of European Union plus 164 visa-free countries


High Quality of Life

Portugal offers a high quality of life – which explains why so many renown celebrities are moving to or buying properties in the country.

While all Golden Visa programs are open to clients looking for residency or citizenship in an EU country, investors who do their homework and enlist the help of top-notch advisors nearly always opt for Portugal in the end and for a good reason: comparing across programs, Portugal’s Golden Visa (PGV) has it all and no other can beat it.


Residence Permit in 3 to 6 months

Residence permit in Portugal (in 3 to 6 months), that can be extended to other family members, with flexible age restrictions for dependents.


Free Circulation in 26 countries

Entering, traveling within and leaving the 26 Schengen member countries visa-free, with the residence permit.


European Citizenship

Possibility to apply for a permanent residency permit and citizenship after 5 years.

(Less time than other European countries, like Spain or Greece – 7 to 10 years)


Basic Language Speaking Requirements

A basic Portuguese exam is required to apply for the Portuguese Citizenship.


164 Visa-Free Countries

Free circulation in 164 visa-free countries with the Portuguese Passport.


Small Investment Requirement

Investment requirement starting from 280.000€.


Low Physical Permanence Requirement

Very low permanence requirements of only 7 days in the first year.


Tax Benefits

Low taxes for foreign investors.


Folque’s will provide you the support you’ll need for the Golden Visa application and will be with you throughout the entire investment process.

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