The opportunity

Portugal, a luxury still accessible

Portugal is definitely a gem with a lot of potential for short-term investment. Know the reasons here.

Portugal is the 2nd safest country in Europe and the 4th safest country in the world

Portugal was considered the 4th safest country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index in 2017. In this ranking, Portugal stands out as the second safest country in Europe, behind Denmark and Austria, and before Spain, UK, France, among many others.

Portugal gives you access to all of Europe, through the Visa Gold

Buying a property in Portugal equal to or greater than 500,000 euros gives immediate access to the Gold Visa, residence giving yourself and your family members (spouse and dependent children). With Visa Gold, you can travel freely throughout the zone of Schengen visas in Europe.

The properties in Portugal are the most economic in Europe

According to the study “Deloitte Property Index 2016,” Portugal is the third cheapest country in Europe, between 19 European countries analyzed. In this ranking, Portugal is onlybehind Russia and Hungary, ahead of Spain, Italy, France, England, among many others.  Porto is one of the cheapest cities, with an average value of EUR 1,280 m2 compared with the interior of London, the most expensive area of ​​study, with an average of EUR 18 180 m2.

The rental market maintains a growth above 2 digits

According to the idealistic portal (real estate and economy), the rental market in Portugal is expected to increase 30% by the end of 2017, especially in middle and high sectors. The lease university students also maintains strong growth in large cities (Lisbon and Oporto).

The properties in Portugal are appreciating against the market growth

The real estate market is growing due to increased need. According to the portal Observer, real estate transactions in Portugal increased by about 35% in 2016. Currently, in Portugal, one in five transactions in the housing sector is to foreign customers.

Portugal is internationally recognized as the best destination to visit

The Lonely Planet has named Portugal as’ Best Value Destination “, one of the destinations to visit in 2015 with the best quality / price ratio. In 2014, it had already been suggested as the best destination for the Spanish edition of Conde Nast Traveler magazine and was also selected as the Best Value Destination 2014 by the publication Rough Guide.

The country

Portugal allows to live a quality of life far superior to the European average, mainly due to the climate and security conditions, its paradise beaches, its amazing history and architecture, with the oldest capital in Europe, the kindness of its people, among much others. Know here the 9 main reasons to live in Portugal.