Portugal is assumed as the California of Europe

Portugal is increasingly assumed as a reference in Europe and the world in different areas such as football, music, arts, technology, business and events.
Good examples of this development in Portugal are:

• The European Football Championship in conquered in 2016;

• The organization of the Web Summit event in Lisbon in 2016, the largest technology conference in the world;

• The European Music Festival conquered in 2017;

• The organization of the centenary of the apparitions at Fatima in 2017, to which more than 8 million citizens from all over the world traveled;

• Among many others.

More and more famous people choose Portugal as a destination to live. This is the case of John Malkovich, Monica Belluci, Michael Fassbender, Eric Cantona and Christian Louboutin, who have moved to Lisbon, and Madonna may be the next lady