54% Growth on Real Estate Invesment in Portugal in 2018

According to CBRE – The largest real estate investment consulting in the world – investment in real estate in Portugal grew by 54% in 2018, compared to 2017. And it is expected to continue this year.

Although CBRE believes that the investment in general will decrease, however, this won’t affect at all the residence and hotel area. “The student residences sector is currently the one that arouses the greatest interest, which will generate more investment in 2019” CBRE.

In the construction area, CBRE affirms that its main projects will be rehabilitation, generally of small scale, in the main cities of the country: Lisbon and Porto.

And for the commercial area, the consultant estimates that, for this year, leases “will continue to rise in the most consolidated areas” with a possible increase of 5% in Lisbon and 10% in Porto.

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Source: Observador.pt – Real Estate Market

The country exports more and more technological equipment and services

The Portuguese economy is open to foreign trade and investment; trade accounted for 80% of GDP in 2015. Accession to the EU changed the structure of Portuguese imports and exports. The country exports more and more technological equipment and services, instead of the traditional agricultural products or products of the textile and garment industry.

Portugal intends to double its agricultural exports by 2020. The European Union is Portugal’s main trading partner, with Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom and France being the most important in that block. The most important customers of Portugal outside the EU are Angola and China.

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