Leave everything in our hands. We take the process from start to finish.

The Folque’s team has extensive knowledge and experience in all the stages necessary to guarantee the successful investment of your property in Portugal. Our solidity and professionalism will ensure the agility, protection and comfort you need so that the investment you make is totally aligned with what you have dreamed.

Business Model and Project Development Plan

Maximize the return on your investment in Portugal.

If what you are looking for is to make the most of your investment in Portugal, and you have time to wait for your property, then probably the development of real estate will be the most suitable for you, once it allows you to buy cheaper than something already done. At Folque’s we develop different types of properties, such as homes, buildings, offices, stores, hotels, resorts, among others. Our portfolio of projects is a good test of what we are capable of doing.

Search and Selection

Save time and let us find your dream place at the best price.

Tell us about your tastes and preferences, how much you want to invest, and our professionals will find your dream place. Folque’s is the gateway to all types of properties that may interest you in Portugal, whether in a historic building, a house by the sea, a farm in the country-side, a house near a golf course, or a simple apartment. In the unlikely event that we do not have one, you will surely have one of our allies, once we work with the largest real estate agencies in Portugal.

Financial and Legal Consulting

Perform secure and legal transactions.

. Our team has extensive experience in these processes, as well as agreements with a large number of law firms and is able to speed up the entire process. We take care of everything to make sure you get the best return on your investment in a fast, legal and secure way.

Property Registration and Management

Don’t worry about anything, we’ll take care of your property.

Our commercial team will support you in the registration and promotion or rental of your property, so you can make your investment as good as possible. In turn, our property management team will be responsible for managing the maintenance and cleaning of your property, ensuring that it will always remain in optimal and perfect conditions, when you need it.

Golden Visa Acquisition Process

Our team is here to give you flexibility and benefits.

As you know, The Portugal Golden Visa program has proven to be the most popular for investors. An investment of €500,000 in real estate or less in refurbishment projects in Portugal will grant you a residency permit for a family including dependent children. Our team is here to help with this process in order to make it easy and quick.

Interior Design & Creative Projects

We bring your ideas to life.

At Folque’s we have innumerous  partnerships and we welcome ideas from all around the world. Our architects and decorators developed a particular ability to combine international styles with local style, ensuring that our clients in Portugal can always feel that they are at home, and accomplish their projects even if they are far from their country.

Travel organization to Portugal

 Carefully plan your visit

We support you in the organization of your visit to Portugal, so that it is as effective as possible. We will be sending you all the information of the properties that you have chosen before the trip, as well as we will do the necessary bureaucratic procedures in Portugal to prepare the purchase process of the property of your dreams. Naturally we will try all the logistics to receive you in our country, and organize visits to the properties you have chosen.

      Some of our clients’ testimonials:

“We decided to move from Brazil to Portugal in only six months and our work plan was challenging. First was the apartment search and selection, then all the bureaucracy required for the Golden Visa application, including the Family Union Process, and finally they even helped us enrol our son in one of the best European Schools. It was all taken care of by Folque’s, within our six months deadline, with extreme efficiency. And a last detail: when we arrived in Lisbon, our apartment was totally renovated and furnished by Folque’s team! When you aim for investment return and family well-being, you can’t trust just anyone.”
Renato Ribeiro
Former Globo Brazil Network’s Sports Director.

We want to thank your efficient work in the search of our property in Porto. We emphasize the agility with which the options were presented to us and the good selection of them, without them it would have been impossible to acquire the property so soon. The personalized attention, the disposition and professionalism of Folque’s people took a family goal to a happy ending.

Dos Santos Tobón’s Family, Bogotá, Colombia

Adriana Tobón
Public Relationship, Pontificia Javeriana University
“Our experience with Folque’s was exceptional at all stages of the process. I believe it had to do with a trustworthy relationship based on professional expertise, which is rare thing to find nowadays. We were told about several other renowned offices in Portugal but Folque’s was the fastest in carrying the whole process. This was a project of a lifetime, nothing could go wrong!”
Danielle Monteiro
Interior Designer

We would like to highlight the premium quality of Folque’s mediation work, extended to its commercials and partners, which we believe exceeded the expectations we had in terms of personalization, feedback and volume of visits.

Celio A.A. Sousa, Porto, Portugal

Celio A.A. Sousa
President at Polytechnic Institute of Maia, Higher Education of Maia

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