Financial and Legal Consulting

At Foque’s we make sure you perform secure and legal transactions. Enjoy your investment while we take care of everything! Thanks to our team’s extensive experience in these processes, combined with all our agreements and partnerships, Folque’s is able to provide a large number of services.

Take a look at the most common ones:


Due diligence

We support the financial waiving process of the property you wish to purchase to ensure that there are no extra fees or charges applied on top of our closed deal. Additionally, we will support the process and preparation of a purchase and sale pre-contract agreement, as well as the deed and the property transfer.


Tax identification number

We offer support on the acquisition process of the Portuguese Tax Identification Number, as well as ensuring the Fiscal Representation in Portugal, which includes tax correspondence management for the first 6 months after the tax identification number.


Financial analysis and forecasts

We prepare the financial analysis of your investment in Portugal to ensure you are making the best deal. We create comparative analysis with other investment alternatives, as well as profit projections in case of rental situations.


Leasing activity declaration and permits

In order to maintain long-term leases you will need a classic lease permit. On the other hand, if you intend to have short-term leases, you will need a more specific permit: AL.