Golden Visa Acquisition Process

The Portuguese Golden Visa Program

With the objective of attracting foreign investments and business opportunities, the Portuguese Government established a special proceeding. It allows foreign citizens to get a Portuguese Residency Permit for investment purposes, subject to the accomplishment of one of the following modalities:

-Capital Transfer: 1 million euros

-Creation of 10 jobs

-Real Estate

-Others:  250.000 to  500.000 euros.

Capital Transfer

Can be via:

a) Simple 1 million euros transfer to a Portuguese bank account or a financial assets investment.

b) Social Capital acquisition of a Portuguese Firm, amounting to 1 million euros.

Job Creation

Your investment in the country must create at least 10 working jobs. To justify this requirement it is sufficient to show a Social Security Certificate which states the enrollment of those workers in the Social Security System.

Real Estate

Investments in Real Estate assets amounting to € 500.000,00.

-The applicant must invest in one or more properties amounting to € 500.000,00 or more.

-For co-properties, each co-owner needs to invest in a property portion of € 500.000,00 or more.

-The investor needs to sign the Promissory Agreement, with a deposit of € 500.000,00 or more.

-The asset can also be used for financial location purposes either commercial or agricultural.

-The buyer can ask for a credit for the real estate, as long as the value exceeds (remaining value) € 500.000,00 (which will have to be paid in advance).


Real Estate Acquisition for Renewal purposes (350.000 euros):

-Buildings with 30 years or more

-Refurbishment and recovery works

-The building must be located in the rehabilitation area.

Research and Cultural Investment (350.000 euros). Capital investment in public institutions or private ones certified for in field research in the nacional scientific and technologic program.

Cultural and Artistic Investment (250,000 euros). Capital investment in public or private institutions that work in the artistic production or in the restoration and maintenance of nacional cultural patrimonial.

Investment in Venture capital (5000.000 euros) directed at small and medium companies

Who’s Elegible? 

Any citizen nacional of a country not apart of the EU or EEA, which complies with one of the investment options, within the quantitative and time requirements.

Main Benefits

-Very low permanence requirements ( 7 days in the first year, 14 in the following)

-Freedom to travel within the EU and Schengen Zone

-Possibility to apply for the Family Reunion Visa

-Possibility to acquire a permanent residency permit in Portugal

-Possibility to obtain the Portuguese Nacionality

Ab0ut the Family Reunion Visa

-Convencional Family Members are allowed to join the main applicant in Portugal

-They will also apply for the same benefits as the main applicant.


-No criminal record in Portugal

-Not having been impeded from entering the Portuguese territory

-Not having been extradited from Portugal

-Not being mentioned in the nacional and Schengen information systems