Travel Logistic Organization to Portugal

If you’re coming from abroad, we support you in the planning and logistic of your trip to Portugal, so that it is as effective and fun as possible. Enjoy your trip while we take care of everything.

Our Folque’s team will deal with all the logistic to welcome you to our country and organize visits to properties you have selected. We believe that with our consulting and experience in the market, it is the most effective way to invest in Europe and Portugal.

You can count on our services to:

  • Book flights and hotels
  • Take you where you need to go in Portugal
  • Organize visits to properties you selected
  • Organize outputs to restaurants, bars, nightlife and entertainment, with access to front row
  • Organize fashion and beauty events, health and welfare, among others

In order to provide an excelente service, we have the help of the best Concierge in Portugal, Raquel Loureiro, with whom we will make some visits to investments and enjoy all the glamor that this beautiful country has for you.

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